Cleats Count was created in January 2016 by a young entrepreneur from Rhode Island. Founder Taylor Ross, wants to promote happiness, teamwork, love and opportunity through world's most beautiful game to help people through their tough times. Our mission is to deliver brand new soccer cleats to underprivalged boys and girls around the world. The goal is to continue to travel the world in the hopes to change some lives (and have an extreme amount of fun while doing it). As we continue to grow, we want to not only deliver soccer cleats and soccer balls, but also build soccer fields at orphanages and other places that need them. We've created this site so you can follow us on our journey; a journey of what we hope to be the ultimate success through our passion, dedication, and aspiration to bring the game around the world. Keep up with us if you want to catch some incredibly awesome footage, photography, stories, smiles, and merchandise from our apparel company, through soccer.